Tabapuã Cattle

Junqueira Rodas is the owner of the Tabapuã breed birthplace, a purely Brazilian cattle which stands out among the zebu flock. The cattle is ranched in the Farm Água Milagrosa, in Tabapuã (SP). Since 2009 we invested R$ 2,218,000.00 in farming of 1,300 livestock intended for genetic improvement.

According to researches, the reproductive cows present high levels of maternal ability, at the  18-th or 20-th month of age, the female presents 60% more fertility. The good milk production helps the calves to reach a weight of 200 kg at weaning. Its breed precocity makes the Tabapuã a weight champion early at the age of 205 days and cultivate this advantage during raising. The slaughter may be carried at the 30 months, while the Nelore, for example, may be slaughtered only after 40 months.

The excellent treatment given to the livestock and the breed advantages favors the Tabapuã of Junqueira Rodas Group in winning numerous awards. The Farm Água Milagrosa hosts the greatest trophies room of the country, Tabapuã won 157 statuette in different contests.