15 of October of 2017

Junqueira Rodas Group concludes participation in Expo Rio Preto having won seven trophies

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Água Milagrosa won in seven categories of the judgment of Tabapuã cattle.

The Junqueira Rodas Group successfully participated in the 55th edition of Rio Preto Expo, held from October 11th to October 15th. Farm Água Milagrosa, belonging to the Junqueira Rodas Group, presented 13 Tabapuã animals, seven females and six males, who were exposed and participated in the judgment held on Thursday (12) and on Friday (13).
The championship was attended by the president of the Brazilian Association of the Tabapuã Breeders (Portuguese ABCT), Arnaldo Manuel de Souza Machado Borges. Farm Água Milagrosa became a champion in seven categories: Junior Greater, Great Champion, Progeny of Adult Mother, Progeny of Adult Father, Progeny of Young Father, Male Calf, Female Calf.


Urro, the Great Champion

The ox Urro FIV de Tabapuã – GTRT 4413 was the Great Champion of the Tabapuã breed and the winner in the Junior Greater category. Urro is 18 months old and weighs 750 kg.
According to the evaluation by the president of ABCT, Arnaldo Manuel de Souza Machado Borges, the ox presents excellent limbs structure, correct arching of ribs and of the reproductive apparatus, characteristics that demonstrate a probable efficiency in the reproduction.
For the livestock manager of the Junqueira Rodas Group, Paulo Camargo, the award highlights the qualities of the ox. “Urro is an animal near perfection. Excellent for reproduction and with great features for the fridge, “he says.
Urro FIV de Tabapuã was also the Great Champion in Dourados – MS, Araruama – RJ and in Sanclerlândia – GO.


Check out the list of all the champions from Farm Água Milagrosa

· Champion Progeny of Adult Mother: Letra FIV de Tabapua – GTRT 1644
· Champion Progeny of Adult Father: Candado FIV da LIAB – LIA 659
· Champion Progeny of Young Father: Radiado FIV de Tabapuã – GTRT 3506
· Champion Male Calf: Uxmal FIV de Tabapuã – GTRT 4541
· Champion Female Calf: Ulma de Tabapua – GTRT 4515
· Champion Junior Greater: Urro FIV de Tabapuã – GTRT 4413
· Great Champion: Urro FIV de Tabapuã – GTRT 4413