05 of February of 2018

The herd of Tabapuã from Água Milagrosa will be exhibited at Show Rural 2018

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The agricultural fair, to be held from February 5th to 9th in Cascavel (PR), is expected to generate more than R$ 1 billion in business.


The Junqueira Rodas Group, one of the most important of the Brazilian agrobusiness companies, will be present in the 30th edition of the Show Rural agricultural fair, which takes place from February 5th to 9th, in Cascavel, Paraná, to present the Tabapuã cattle. The group has initiated the farming of this breed.


Considered genuinely Brazilian, the breed is named after the homonymous city in the São Paulo state. A herd of Farm Água Milagrosa was selected for the exhibition.


The event, which opens the agribusiness calendar, expects to generate around R$ 1.5 billion in business. Show Rural Coopavel is the largest in Latin America, the second largest in the Americas and the 3rd most important in the world for disseminating information, technologies and knowledge for agribusiness.


Among the animals of Farm Água Milagrosa that will be exhibited and for sale at the fair are Terno de Tabapuã, 600kg; Umbro FIV de Tabapuã, 525kg and Urato FIV de Tabapuã, 480kg. “These are animals of the highest quality, with a high genetic standard of the breed,” explains Sarita Junqueira Rodas, president of the Junqueira Rodas Group, which manages the Farm Água Milagrosa.


The livestock manager of the Junqueira Rodas Group, Paulo Camargo, explains that the breed stands out among the zebu. The reproductive cows have high indices of maternal ability, the female at 18 or 20 months presents more than 60% of fertility. The good production of milk helps the calves to reach 200 kg at weaning, superior performance than other zebus.


The precocity of the race makes Tabapuã to be a weight champion at 205 days and cultivate the advantage during raising. The slaughter can be performed at 30 months, while the Nelore, for example, are slaughtered only after 40 months. In addition, the breed is mild and does not lose weight in vaccinations, transports and weighings.


The Farm Água Milagrosa, located in Tabapuã, in the São Paulo state, is considered to be the best Tabapuã cattle farmer, according to the Brazilian Association of Tabapuã Breeders (Portuguese Acronym ABCT). The data is from the breed ranking, released in 2017.


According to the event organization, there will be 530 exhibitors in an area of ​​720 thousand square meters. An audience of more than 250,000 people is expected during the five days of the fair.


The schedule will include the direct sales of animals from the producer, technical lectures, exhibition of animals, launch of machinery and equipment, rations and supplements, as well as guidelines on animal genetics and artificial insemination.


Access to the park and parking use are free. Visiting hours will be Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.


About the Junqueira Rodas Group
Founded in 1968, the Junqueira Rodas Group, one of the largest in Brazilian agribusiness, is an orange, sugar cane producer and Tabapuã cattle farmer. Its operations are distributed in 13,271 hectares divided into 12 properties in the state of São Paulo and one in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Over four years, more than R$ 123 million have been  invested in crops and livestock, doubling annual revenues in this period.


Orange is the company’s main product, marketed in natura for juice production. There are 2,087,670 trees planted in 4269 hectares; the record harvest is 4,300,000 juice boxes, achieved in the 2017/2018 cycle. The production of sugarcane reached 225,000 tons in the last harvest. The sugarcane plantations occupy 3,837 hectares of the Group. The Farm Água Milagrosa, located in the city of Tabapuã, contains the 1,300 Tabapuã cattle units. The genuinely Brazilian breed is used for fertilization and genetic improvement.